"I both love and hate Diana. She’s so spunk, but she also has no qualms about manipulating people to drive them apart. Her worst trait is how she drags lovesick Meg along."
"While I can’t see a sequel making sense, Atlus really needs to make a "Remastered" version of Rule of Rose. It would give them a chance to fix the battle system, clarify some of the storyline hints, add new content, and (if on a newer system) fix any lighting or polygon problems from the first game (imagine all of the gameplay looking like the cutscenes!)!"

"I’ve watched like three different playthroughs of the game just to see different people’s reactions to it! XD It’s funnier because I know what’s going on!"
"It took me until reading the other posts just now to realize that all of the other orphans are dead. :("
Another Update

So, I know I said this in other text posts, but I am back- AGAIN. I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but I had surgery awhile back - and that’s what kept me gone all this time. But I’m 100%, casts have been removed, I no longer feel sick or anything, so here I am. and this time, I SWEAR and I WONT BREAK THIS PROMISE, I WON’T be disappearing for weeks or months at a time. I’m officially here to stay.

And I’m glad I came back to a full inbox :D confessions will be up soon.

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woefulprincess asked: Hi, this isn't a confession, but I have a question for this post (hopefully the user will contact me) post/77361828167/im-a-person-who-likes-crack-pairings-and-i-know --- I made a Jennifer/James video once a long time ago and remember someone telling me they wanted to write a story from it, I'd really like to read that fanfic, if anyone could give me a link? Thanks!

Oh!! I’ll just post this, I hope they contact you, that sounds pretty cool :)

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I have two reasons for not posting as of recently: 1) I had surgery a week or so ago and have not been able to get out of bed till now [It was a surgery I forgot about, hence why I returned and then disappeared all over again] and 2) I’m out of confessions :( so if anyone has any confessions, please send ‘em on in <3

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Anonymous asked: I was wondering, how old is Diana?

I checked the wikia, and it said she was a teen; so I’mma guess she was about thirteen or fourteen :)

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"For some odd reasons, Jennifer reminds me of Eleanor Vance from The Haunting of Hill House. I don&#8217;t know exatly what it is, but there&#8217;s just&#8230;something about her that reminds me of Nell."
"Although I bought Rule of Rose when it was first released and I spoiled everything about it already, it still took me till a year and a half later to actually beat the game for the first time. But now I&#8217;m on my 4 or 5th play-through finally trying to get the ragdoll costume."
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