"Amanda’s smile in the opening cutscene is easily the most terrifying moment in the entire game."
"I know for a fact that if they ever made this game into a movie or mini-series, that they’d age up all the characters. Cause who’ll wanna see a show/movie about abused and sexually confused children? No one, that’s who. And that’s exactly why I don’t want it to be adapted. Aging up the characters would just…change the story/storylines too much."
"Clara, in my opinion, is the most sympathetic character in the game. Which is why I hate that we barely ever saw her."
"Thanks to this blog, the only person I can ever see playing Amanda is Jamie Brewer from American Horror Story. I know she’s like…20 years older then Amanda is suppose t be, but come on! She’d be perfect!"
"I feel like I could relate to Jennifer the most because I never had the courage to stand up for myself. I let myself get tossed around and did nothing to stop it."
"I love the soundtrack, I wish there were more songs to it though, and I wish every single song in the game was featured."

"Susan and Meg seemed to sort of be friends, at least there were a few healthy friendships in the game."
"I love Eleanor so much, I’ve made her name my middle name. I also have the cover art tattooed over my self harm scars. "

"I don’t understand why Diana is so popular. Most people seem to think she is so pretty, but I really find her dress off putting and don’t understand the over-all love I hear a lot of people have for her."

"I have loved Rule of Rose for the longest time and I wish it got the attention it deserves. I bet a remake would do wonders since the only thing I can’t defend about rule of rose is its terrible combat system"