"I don’t mean offense, but I kind of wish people would pipe down a bit about a Rule of Rose movie, because it’s not an incredibly popular game, and there already is a movie called The Orphanage, which is very, very similar to it."
"There were so many food items in the game; was I the only one that had to take more than one snack break?"
"I kind of wish that Jennifer made a few remarks about her parents or what happened when the blimp crashed. But I guess that might have ruined the mystery behind her character; her repressed memories, I mean."
"I can only ever think about Rule of Rose whenever I come across a red crayon now."
"Is anyone else afraid that if they do, actually, ever adapt the game into a movie or tv show, that they’ll add a romantic relationship between Jen and one of the boys?"
"Was anyone else stupid enough to try and fight off every single enemy after you found the blue butterfly?"
"If they ever do actually make a Rule of Rose movie, I want Taylor Swift to stay as far away as possible from the project. The last thing I want to hear during what could possibly be the most hauntingly beautiful movie of this generation is a whiny, over-dramatic song sung by an overrated country singer…"
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"Amanda’s smile in the opening cutscene is easily the most terrifying moment in the entire game."
"I know for a fact that if they ever made this game into a movie or mini-series, that they’d age up all the characters. Cause who’ll wanna see a show/movie about abused and sexually confused children? No one, that’s who. And that’s exactly why I don’t want it to be adapted. Aging up the characters would just…change the story/storylines too much."