I was just told about this tumblr by a good friend of mine, and I just thought I’d give it a shout-out. If you’re a fan of the movie, and have some ideas or ‘headcanons’ for it, then I recommend you give the tumblr a look :)
"I breakdown crying when I think of how much pain Jennifer went through when she realized that Brown was gone."
"I think Clara looks like Evan Rachel Wood in "Once and Again""
"I really ship Diana and Eleanor, they’d make a great couple!!"
"I wish my father was like Mr. Hoffman"
"It’s neat playing the game again now that I’m older. I have a completely different reaction. Some of Jennifer’s traits I couldn’t stand before are what I love about her now."
Submitted by wesker-is-hot
"I’ve been keeping a notebook since 2009 to document every single time I’ve played RoR. I’ve written down every item and how to find it, every letter, every story, every date, etc."
"I don’t mean offense, but I kind of wish people would pipe down a bit about a Rule of Rose movie, because it’s not an incredibly popular game, and there already is a movie called The Orphanage, which is very, very similar to it."
"There were so many food items in the game; was I the only one that had to take more than one snack break?"
"I kind of wish that Jennifer made a few remarks about her parents or what happened when the blimp crashed. But I guess that might have ruined the mystery behind her character; her repressed memories, I mean."